Letters to Liam is a riveting, dynamic expose documentary that follows MMA fighter Marcus Kowal and his wife Mishel Eder as they navigate life and attempt to change the mentality and laws surrounding drinking and driving after the tragic loss of their fifteen month old son Liam. 

For Marcus, this mission includes social media campaigns, publishing a book, media appearances, speaking engagements, and dramatic MMA fights to raise awareness and promote Liam’s Life Foundation - the nonprofit they started just days after Liam’s death. With Mishel by his side, Marcus fights relentlessly to create meaning from the senseless loss of his son.

On their path to raise awareness and educate the public, Marcus & Mishel discover that in order to make real change in Liam’s name, and reach their goal of bringing alcohol-related fatalities to zero, they must battle a billion dollar food and alcohol industry that spends millions every year to keep the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) while driving at .08 - even though the research suggests that lowering the BAC while driving to .05 would save thousands of lives per year. 

With their new baby Nico in tow, and with unwavering determination, Marcus and Mishel meet with lawmakers, politicians, ex-lobbyists, and expert researchers - gathering an incredible team of experts to aid them in their efforts to change the law. After Marcus closes out a long professional fighting career with a dramatic MMA fight, the family travels to Washington D.C., in an attempt to confront the American Beverage Institute, a lobbying group that opposes their efforts to lower the legal BAC. They discover that the ABI is lead by one of the most notorious lobbyists in America; Rick Berman, A.K.A. “Dr. Evil,” and stage a protest outside of his office doors. 

Knowing that they cannot compete with the corporate powers that support the ABI, Marcus & Mishel continue to build their grassroots campaign and reach out to their local lawmakers. With the help of their team of experts, they are able to meet with their local representative, Assemblywoman Autumn Burke. After learning about the research supporting the law, Burke agrees to sponsor the proposed law, which they will name “Liam’s Law.”

From the incomprehensible pain of losing a child, to the euphoria of bringing new life into the world, Letters to Liam explores the ability of the the human mind to overcome even the greatest of obstacles. Through Marcus, Mishel, and the friends and family that surround them, we experience their tragedy, joy, and resilience from a unique and intimate perspective. Featuring a gripping, and endlessly entertaining combination of in-the-moment storytelling and expose investigations, Letters to Liam delivers a heartfelt, compelling, and entertaining look at an ongoing problem that tears at the fabric of American culture.